Pangolin inspired backpack
Inspired by the pangolin’s strategy of rolling like a ball when in danger, a day pack that has overlapping armour like scales.
Kingfisher for silent trains
Modeling the front-end of the Shinkansen Bullet Train in Japan after the kingfishers beak resulted is a quieter, faster, efficient train.
Whale power for energy efficiency
WhalePower is mimicing the humpback-whale’s tubercles found on its flippers to design highly efficient wind turbines.
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                                                Nature is a model.  Nature is a measure. Nature is a mentor.


Biomimicry is about looking at nature for inspiration for new inventions, to solve challenges by consulting nature and to seek nature’s advice as a guiding framework towards sustainable living and more. Biomimicry is not technology or biology; it’s the technology of biology. Biomimicry is about studying nature’s best ideas like photosynthesis, kingfisher beaks, and pangolin scales - and to mimic them for human use.  Read more


Biomimicry 3.8

Biomimicry 3.8 is the global leader in biomimicry innovation consulting, professional training, and educational program and curricula development. Their mission is to train, equip, and connect scientists, engineers, architects, educators, and other innovators to sustainably emulate nature’s 3.8 billion years of brilliant designs and strategies.

Biomimicry Institute

Folks in thousands across 19 countries operating in 34 regional networks are connected via Biomimicry Institute's global, regional and professional networks to spread the practice and philosophy of biomimicry and to apply that knowledge to design opportunities that create nature-inspired solutions for a healthy planet.

Biomimicry Singapore

Affiliated with Biomimicry 3.8 and Biomimicry Institute, Biomimicry Singapore brings together a diversity of people in Singapore- biologists, engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, architects, lawyers and more to connect and learn nature-inspired innovation, innovate by mimicing nature’s time-tested strategies and to transform our lives. Join us to re-immerse with our local environment and ask nature for solutions.

Get Involved

Biomimicry Singapore Network focuses on spreading knowledge about Biomimicry, its essentials, principles, and disciplines. Participate in the events to learn how to practice biomimicry, explore opportunities, develop a local and worldwide network  and more. Everyone is welcome. To know more, check out the Events page, please fill up the interest form, join our mailing list, or drop us a note.