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Cities of Love!- Awards 2018

27th April 2019


Biomimicry Singapore Network takes the honor to announce and congratulate its co-founder Dr. Anuj Jain for receiving the ‘Cities of Love Award - 2018' under ‘environmental sustainability category.

Dr. Jain, with his multi-projects, received the award for stitching nature, people, and design through conservation and biomimicry.

He set up the Biomimicry Singapore Network in 2016 for individuals and organizations to learn about biomimicry – a science and innovation tool to learn to emulate nature’s designs for everyday solutions.


Cities of Love Awards!

Distinguished individual Award - 2018


Well done!


A biomimicry exhibition by the kids

26 - 28 April 2017


The students of Stamford American International School had been preparing for weeks and it was their week to fruition. Putting together a biomimicry exhibition is by no means an ordinary task for the team of 5th graders.  Thankfully, they had help. Dr. Anuj Jain advised the students on the principles of biomimicry and how best to present them to an audience. As an example, the students needed help in understanding the differences between biomimicry, biophilia and bio-utilization. "The differences are not trivial" - says Anuj. The Esplanade - Theatre by the Bay, was a commonly misunderstood example. The Esplanade is more a case of biophilia than biomimicry. Most people think of it as the latter.     

The exhibit that attracted many students and parents showcased a biomimicry standee, an organism and an application mapping game, biomimicry videos and biomimicry excerpts (even a poem!) written by the students themselves.

The underlying message students tried to bring via their work was - "Nature is a place of happiness and play. There is so much to do and learn from it. How can we as kids learn more from it in every aspect of life?". Intriguing isn't it! And boy! I think many in the audience left inspired by their work.        

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Celebrate Earth Day with Biomimicry Water Walk

22 April 2017


The network hosted a public biomimicry walk at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.  Themed "WATER - too much or too enough", on this Earth Day, Dr. Anuj Jain led the walk from the desert exhibit to the tropical rainforest to share and discuss nature’s strategies that can help solve our water problems.

The morning started with a shower (an apt start for a water-themed walk), but folks from all age groups enthusiastically turned up. Anuj began with a brief introduction of biomimicry, its scope, and principles. “Water” being the theme of this walk, we focused on the exploration of adaptations and strategies of various plant species both in the wet and dry environments, including how they respond to changes in temperature.

Some organisms that picked our interest were -  a) how prop roots can help stabilize a tree in swamps and how our buildings could benefit from such a strategy in coastal and swampy habitats. b) In the desert exhibit, we learned about the barrel cactus that can expand to store water and contract as the water is used up. c) On the way to the rainforest walk, we saw various insects and birds, and Anuj described their functionality. d) The kids were inquisitive about the hollow seed pods of the baobab tree and were wondering who ate them. e) In the rainforest, we observed the drip tips of rainforest leaves and how that helps plants to get rid of excess water. f) The rich shades of red, yellow, and brown dried leaves on the forest floor reminded us of how Interface’s engineers got inspired by a forest floor many kilometers away in the USA two decades ago to produce modular multi-colored carpet tiles. g) We also saw a Hammerhead flatworm, which has a hydrostatic exoskeleton allowing it to dig and making crevices in the moist soil – a strategy to move while changing body shape but maintaining volume. 

At the end of the two and half hours walk, participants looked excited and definitely curious. Perhaps they felt inspired to ask nature - “How could nature reduce my air-conditioning bill?” or more accurately put - "How could nature keep my home cool?".

For the event flyer click here...


Networking Session on Biomimicry by Singapore Green Building Council & Interface

September 2014

Join us for an evening to explore Biomimicry, the way in which humans can successfully mimic nature's principles in the built environment to guide better design, deliver successful cases of innovation, and support decision making. Speakers: Erin Meezan (VP of Sustainability, Interface), Jamie Dwyer (Biologist and Design Strategist). 

Jamie Dwyer at Biomimicry Networksing Se
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