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The mountains, the caves, the deserts, the ice worlds, the jungles, the rivers, the seasonal forests, the deep ocean everything has been around for 3.8 billion years and is the home to millions of organisms. When we see these millions of organisms around us, the survivors and how they have managed to endure for 3.8 billions of years, we start thinking about this system, reimagining the world around us, we think and admire how gracefully they live on this planet, try to understand how they evolved, and try to explain the methodology through which they create conditions conducive to life.


Biomimicry is about looking at nature for inspiration for new inventions, solve worthy challenges with consulting nature in every deliberation and decision, seeking nature’s advice as a guiding framework for a cultural shift towards sustainable living and more. It’s not technology or biology; it’s the technology of biology. Biomimicry is all about studying Nature’s best ideas like photosynthesis, brain power and shells- and adapt them for human use.


Nature has already solved many problems we are grappling with: energy, food production, climate control, benign chemistry, transportation, collaboration, and more. The core idea of Biomimicry is to mimic the designs, strategies, policies and further of the environment, the organisms around and to identify these patterns; design in context; design with purpose; and design for life.

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