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Here are few stories from people in Singapore practicing biomimicry (sometimes unknowingly) that might interest you.


A common phrase Dr. Anuj Jain always says that he feels Nature-deprived and he yearned to be closer to Nature to feel at peace. An engineer turned tropical ecologist, and conservation biologist is passionate about Biomimicry and believes that it’s the Nature, and it’s the Nurture that goes hand in hand. In 2008 accidently he came across Janine’s book “Innovation Inspired by Nature” and it influx curiosity in Anuj for biomimicry. The book stirred him and left him with thousands of thoughts related to what biomimicry is all about? Has does nature all the answers? How to develop skills to do biomimicry? And more. He became passionate about it and since then he is following Biomimicry and now is undergoing a 2-year professional certification in biomimicry.


Back to Basics!

Dr. Richard Kwok, is an engineer, a technologist, academia, and a researcher. He has more than thirty-eight years of diverse working experience.




A lifelong nature lover, Mrs. Kirtida Mekani is an avid environmentalist dedicating much of her life to promoting green efforts to the communities around her. For over two decades, her admiration for trees, a passion for contribution and devotion to sustainability has seen the development of nature-inspired programs that continue to touch the lives of Singaporeans young and old. Mrs. Mekani’s proudest achievement is her conceptualization of the Plant-A-Tree Programme, an initiative under National Parks Board's (NParks) registered the charity, the Garden City Fund (which Mrs. Mekani is a committee member of).


Mission Zero!

Robert A. Coombs

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