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‘Super Trees’ - Gardens by the Bay

Photo by Craig Sheppard

Gardens by the Bay is composed of 18 colossal, solar powered “supertree” structures that harbor several plants as well as two energy efficient biomes. The supertrees - designed to behave like natural trees - use a system of collection and absorption for water distribution, eliminating the need to water regularly. The trees use a system for dispersing heat trapped at the top of the structure to various temperature controlled areas.

On top of these branches, photovoltaic solar cells collect massive amounts of energy, which allows it to sustain the rest of the supertree systems. The branches are spread out allowing for maximum surface area for the solar panels. Various tropical flowers and plant life are embedded into the actual structure as well which maximizes the amount of foliage as well as giving the supertrees a more natural, living look.

The overall idea is of combining a natural concept with a futuristic look, an educational angle and to make this a tourist spectacle.

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