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Biomimetics & Biomaterials Research, Nanyang Technological University

Dr Ali Gilles Tehenguise Miserez’s lab studies natural multi-functional materials that feature unique properties not achieved in man-made materials. Nature processes complex, tailored, structural materials, in an aqueous environment under ambient temperature and pressure (or less) using natural compounds. These naturally selected, time-tested biomaterials are recognized as powerful model systems, and their energy-efficient synthesis confers the motivation for our research. Understanding the underlying “green chemistry” can potentially offer sustainable alternatives to engineer existing as well as new materials. The lab endeavours to mimic these key structural, biochemical, and physicochemical principles that are discovered in the model systems and envision to overcome scientific challenges in diverse fields. Their work was recently featured in a Channel News Asia documentary titled Tiny Superheroes. The lab’s focus areas are –

  • Bioelastomeric Membranes & Coiled -Coil Engineering

  • Mechanism of Biofouling Adhesion & Anti-Adhesive Coating

  • Molecular Biomimetics of Non-Mineralized Hard Tissues

  • Biomineralized Structures with Gradd/Modulated Properties

  • Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation




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